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Graphic MuralMatilda Bay


Matilda Bay Brewery

Sometimes in order to tell a story, you tell it. In this case, along the entire length of the beer hall at Matilda Bay Brewery, Healesville!

Admittedly, it was a tricky project to tackle. How do you make history engaging for a crowd already halfway through a brew? Well, we got there in the end and the outcome was an epic journey down memory lane featuring vintage photos, articles and memorabilia. So, if you're looking for some light reading with a side of suds, add this spot to your list! 😜
Interior graphic mural at the Matilda Bay Brewery Healesville.
Close up of text and images of the mural.
Close up of part of the Matilda Bay Brewery mural.
Matilda Bay Brewery interior and mural by Sonsie Studios.
Designers working on the mural at Matilda Bay Brewery.
Close up of the Matilda Bay Brewery Healesville mural.