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Based in Yarra Valley, Melbourne -
Sonsie Studios is the creative oasis of Artist & Graphic Designer Paul Sonsie!

Working with partners in the fields of Artwork, Branding, Murals, Super Graphics and Visual Communication, Sonsie Studios brings a blend of design focus and raw visual appeal.

Our Services

Our main focus stays true to our original vision, which is creating only the finest experiences for all.


The corner-stone of what we do best and where we truely get our ‘Creative Branding’ tagline.

Brand Identity

Whether a startup looking for a logo or an established organisation looking for a comprehensive rebrand, we bring the creativity to express your message.


Create a real point of difference by bringing creativity to your physical environment, whether interior or exterior, hand painted or digitally printed.

Signage & Wayfinding

A key visual element for any establishment, venue or event. From design to production, through to planning and installation.

Graphic Design

From Marketing Material, Print Advertisement, Logos, Digital Communication, Publications, Packaging or Apparel – it’s about purpose meets art!


Sonsie Studios collaborates with a pool of talent, giving us the opportunity to offer Photography, Videography, Printing and Web Development.

The Studio HQ

We create brands and engaging design experiences to make businesses look and feel better. From logos to urban murals and everything in-between.

Set inside an old 1980’s Melbourne-Water shed, the studio HQ is a blend of rustic artistic charm and neat graphic designer paradise. From paint drips to digital downloads, it's a perfect home for Creative Branding. Open for visits, client meetings, school talks and the occasional Friday arvo drinks.


Paul Sonsie

Sonsie wears the cap of Graphic Designer but raging through his veins is the blood of an Artist. Working in the realms of Creative Branding, Super Graphics, Public Murals and Graphic Design, Sonsie brings a blend of visual communication and raw artistic innocence.

Founding Sonsie Studios in 2013, he has now worked for clients such as Corrections Victoria, Aldi, Matilda Bay, Yarra Ranges Tourism, Four Pillars, Yarra Ranges Council and many small to large businesses and organisations.

Sonsie is passionate about changing the visual landscape of his communities and adding a cultural layer to time and place.

Need some help with projects? Get in touch!

Sonsie Studios creates brands and engaging design experiences to make businesses look and feel better. From logos to urban murals and everything in-between.

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