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Welcome to Sonsie Studios

We are a Creative Studio, producing Art and Design for the environments we live in and the businesses we build.

The variety of work we do is unique and our portfolio consists of Murals, Super Graphics, Branding, Visual Communication and Artwork. Go ahead and explore our work below since you came all this way! We’ll put a lid on the banter and let you see for yourself.

Our Services

‘Speed on through and we’ll show you what we do’

Public Art & Murals

  • Hand-painted murals
  • Adhesive vinyl murals
  • Interior wall graphics
  • Site-specific commissions 
  • Street art 

Graphic Design

  • Logo designs
  • Label and packaging design
  • Brand identity design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Publication and layout design
  • Print and social media communications

Environmental Design

  • Signage design & installation
  • Wayfinding
  • Art activations
  • Super graphics
  • Interactive murals

Artwork by Sonsie

  • Bespoke commissions
  • Canvas painting
  • Illustrations
  • Digital art
  • Exhibitions

Art Consultancy 

  • Artwork curation
  • Site visit consultaion
  • Concept and ideas development 
  • Project management 

Who we work for?

  • Commercial projects
  • Local Councils and Government
  • Businesses and organisations
  • Architects
  • Project & Marketing Managers
  • Other design studios 
So why choose us?

We are Paul & Georgie Sonsie, 20 years together in work and pleasure; plus two kids later - we can boast a bustling and vibrant creative practice specialising in Visual Communication.

As Artists, we consider ourselves incredibly privileged to be active contributors to Melbourne's vibrant arts culture.
Partnering with forward-thinking organisations and businesses that truly grasp the possibilities art can unlock is incredibly exciting. As Designers, we collaborate to create exceptional branding experiences that genuinely reflect the clients we work with. The ability to capture the true essence of a brand, product, or narrative through imaginative visuals, thoughtful typography, and meticulous attention to detail is of utmost significance to us.

We love talking about new projects...

Before you go on your visually adventurous way… know that we’re here to chat anytime because all projects are different, so get in touch! We’re a friendly bunch 🤘🏼