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Yarra Ranges Council

The Healesville Pop-Up is a public space given a temporary makeover to promote creativity, rest and expression - initiated by the Yarra Ranges Council.

The digitally printed mural had to be carefully crafted in order to sit within the architectural shapes of the building. In order to keep things flexible for future redesigns, adhesive vinyl was used for the mural. So, while this piece may not be a permanent fixture, it activates the space and provides a new experience for the community.
Healesville pop up art mural designed by Sonsie Studios.
Paul Sonsie setting up the Healesville Pop Up art space.
Healesville pop-up public art mural space in the Yarra Ranges.
Yarra Ranges Council Healesville Pop Up public art.
Healesville pop up art mural and benches.
Part of the Healesville Pop Up public art.