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Wine LabelDesign


Wine labels

A wine label is a valuable piece of real estate when it comes to branding and it goes beyond aesthetics; it breathes life into the stories of the wines.

At Sonsie Studios we have the expertise to collaborate with your existing brand identity or embark on a creative journey to develop a completely fresh concept. Situated in the breathtaking Yarra Valley and blessed with over 90 cellar doors and countless vineyards, we thrive on designing for this vibrant market.
Australian white and red wine bottle label graphic designs.
Yarrawood Cellar Release Yarra Valley wine label design.
2020 wine bottle label design by Sonsie Studios.
Payten & Jones Wines label designs on multiple bottles.
Major Kong Payten & Jones Australian wine bottle label design.
Helen & Joey Estate 2017 Shiraz wine label design.
5 different wine bottle label designs by Sonsie Studios.
Payten & Jones pinot noir wine label design by Sonsie.
Yarra Valley Riverstone Estate Wines 2016 sav blanc label design.