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MatildaBay Mural


Matilda Bay Brewery

Digitally designed, this interior mural is our ‘masterpiece’ of classical sculpture, juxtaposed with modern-day graffiti and Australian wildlife 😜

Nestled within the grand beer hall of Matilda Bay Brewery, our artwork commands attention with its presence, creating a captivating visual experience for all who enter. With the blend of digital design, intricate printing techniques and seamless installation, we have created a piece we are passionate about and pretty damn thrilled to bring to life.
Design of the Matilda Bay Brewery mural by Sonsie Studios.
Matilda Bay Brewery mural art being installed by Sonsie Studios.
Kegs and mural wall art installation at Matilda Bay Brewery.
Landscape view of the Matilda Bay Brewery with the mural.
Matilda Bay Brewery dining area with wall mural art.
Sonsie Studios installing the mural at the Matilda Bay Brewery.