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Prahran Market Mural


City of Stonnington

Spanning the length of Elizabeth Street sits the iconic Prahran Market on one side, and on the opposite - a three-story concrete carpark.

Commissioned by The City of Stonnington Council, we designed a complex piece that would transform all three entrances and stairwells in the carpark from dark, harsh and uninviting to vibrant, engaging and meaningful - reflective of the community that live, work and play there. This is one of the largest public art projects we’ve worked on to date. It was incredibly fun to design and exciting to install. We took such pleasure in exploring different culinary experiences at the market each day. Our absolute favourite discovery was The Sweet Greek. Did you know about Lamington Day? I say no more…
Mural at the Prahran Market in Melbourne Victoria.
Prahran Market Mural by Paul Sonsie. Car park section.
Prahran Market Mural street section by Sonsie Studios.
Wide view of the mural at the Prahran Market.
Prahran Market Mural on the street and car park.
Prahran Market Mural car park ramp section.