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Prahran Alleyway Mural


City of Stonnington

In the aftermath of Covid, this laneway received a fresh dose of art.

As part of a community activation program in Prahran, we were commissioned to produce this mural that contributes to life's resurgence after the collective lockdown experience. It's amazing how much of an impact art can have - while we painted, we witnessed many passersby expressing their appreciation and joy for the work. This mural is a meaningful reminder that as a community, we're all looking out for one another and taking notice of the small details that enrich our lives.
Red, green, pink, purple, blue, brown and black mural.
Alleyway mural in the suburb of Prahran.
Close up of the Prahran alleyway mural.
View of the mural by Paul Sonsie in an alleyway.
Mural in Prahran Victoria by Sonsie Studios.
Prahran Alleyway Mural by Paul Sonsie.